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Condra: Dracon 8 by SeelederSchar
Condra: Dracon 8
This is a poster/flyer I created for an upcoming Pen&Paper convention, hosted by the Condra e.V., together with the DORP GbR.
This was done for the con we did this spring; there's already one slated for this autumn with a poster I'll add to this gallery within this week.

I hope you like it =)
These last four photos conclude the "Aachen by Night" series. I certainly am grateful that Sofatierchen helped me realize this series and know how fortunate I am that I can rely on her for projects like this :)
I hope you enjoyed them too!
Aachen by Night 54 by SeelederSchar
Aachen by Night 54

A few weeks ago, Sofatierchen and I set out to take some new photos just using the street lights around our homes over here in Aachen. We had a basic idea what we intended to do, but were mostly out there to see what we'd come up with on location.

And with this photo, our nightly trip comes to end.
I hope you enjoyed it!

Aachen by Night 53 by SeelederSchar
Aachen by Night 53

A few weeks ago, Sofatierchen and I set out to take some new photos just using the street lights around our homes over here in Aachen. We had a basic idea what we intended to do, but were mostly out there to see what we'd come up with on location.

Now, the photos have been sorted through and I'm happy to present to you our favorites!


So, it's summer now, and I'm still not really at the point I intended to be as far as finished projects go, but alas, it finally moves …

First of all, I put some nice "old stuff" on here during the last weeks (or months, rather); no b-quality work, just projects that never happened with dA as a primary focus that thus got lost in the general shuffle and now, finally, found their way up on here.

Secondly, a new project has arrived today. Or rather: started today. It's a shooting I took with Sofatierchen a few weeks ago. A few years ago we did that lantern project, only using the night light of street lamps to take photos and I wanted to give it another try. My first location chosen was a playground close to my home, but since, as we arrived there and found it to be still occupied by three rather dubios fellows, we spend some time at a church close by as well, and later moved to the first location after the creeps had moved on.
Therefore, we've basically got two related sets for the price of one. Set one, the church set, started today. After that, it'll take a week or two and then, set two will follow as well. So that's what's gonna occupy my gallery up until mid-September, I guess.

Between then and now, there's at least one further shooting planned. A nice change of pace: It'll feature a whole set of dancers, an interesting location, and I suppose it'll be more dance-centric again after most of my works in the last sets rather tended towards the modeling aspect of the whole endeavor. I'd say those photos will follow here around end of September.

After that, I suppose I'll have had some time for walks through the country again, making use of at least some summer hours, so I could imagine landscapes following in October. No promise there, but … who knows. Might even work out :)

And with those, we'll be deep in autumn and as such, I really hope that this year, we'll manage to get into the idea of ghost photos again – a project that Lichte25 and I started to cook up about last spring (!), but we totally missed the appropriate window of autumn tristesse, so we'll just have to give it another try this year.

If that all works out – well, it should be a fun second half of 2015 on here :)
Oh, one thing by the way – since I'm offering up all my artwork on here for free, even photos that are taken for photo books and the like, I'd like to mention only once, that there is a paypal donation site up; it's primarily for my personal blog, but if you like what I (respectively 'we', since all this is only made possible by the help of such amazing people like Sofatierchen, Lichte25, GargamelsCat, TobiCro and others) do on here and you'd like to support us and sponsor something like the gas we use to get to the next location or the snacks provided for daring models, well, you now can, following this link here
I promise you I'll not start asking for money on every turn we take on here, but I figured it can't hurt to mention at least once ;)

Back to the schedule; right as of now, that would make it look like that:
1. Aachen by Night; the church part
2. Aachen by Night, the playground part
3. the new Ballet photo project
4. Something landscapy

n. Ghosts

We'll see how far off the mark all things end up happening in the end ;)

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Thomas Michalski
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I guess you can call me a Jack of all trades, though I hope I'm no master of none. I take photos, I create photomanipulations. I write, I paint, I do oh so many things.

As for me personally, I'm currently living in Aachen in Germany. I studied the history of modern literature and philosophy, work as a journalist and as a literary editor. I've published a couple of books. I guess I am what you'd call an intellectual, but then again, I'm currently directing a no-budget amazon fantasy movie.

If you ask me what is the most important thing in my life, that one answer is actually easy: my friends.

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